greatlengthsGreat Styles take Great Lengths. Our premium extensions are all made from 100% ethically sourced human hair. This quality means our extensions will look, feel and behave just like your own hair – giving you the freedom to create glamorous styles you never thought possible.

The Professional Choice

The premium quality, extensive range, application methods and ethical source of our hair extensions really sets us apart from our competitors. These qualities make Great Lengths the preferred choice of professional hairdressers and stylists worldwide.

Celebrity Style

Great Lengths gives you more freedom to discover the style that is perfect for you. During your free consultation your stylist will guide you though the development of your new look – one that suits your unique features and lifestyle.

Our Range

With over 55 colours (including 17 blondes plus pastels, neons and jewel shades) and a range of textures, your dream hair is only a visit to the salon away!

Comfortable and Discreet

Great Lengths extensions are applied using our specially formulated bong which is kind to your hair and scalp. The bond is virtually undetectable and extremely comfortable to wear.

Maintaining the Style

Looking after your extensions is important to maintain your style and the health of your hair and scalp. We provide a range of after-care products which are perfect for keeping your hair looking great for longer. Refer to the details on the back of your Consultation Form for more information.

100% Ethical and Traceable

Great Lengths are the only extension company to obtain and process their own hair. Scourced from the temples of India, as part of a Hindu ritual, the revenue from the purchase of hair goes directly back into the community.

Application: Step by Step


1. Before. Colours: 07, 28 and 30 using length 40cm. Approx. 175 strands.


2. Starting in the nape, we take a U shape section from ear to ear following the contour of the head. We then apply the strands using a tracking method, alternating colours throughout the row.


3. We apply the strands.


4. We continue this method and integrate the sides, descending the section to below the occipital bone. Following this line to complete the sections above to just under the Parietal Ridge.


5. We slice down the front section to blend with the sides and fringe gently descending and feathering onto the face and shoulders.


6. We continue to connect the front and sides sliding the scissors down towards the back. Shattering the ends around the front to add texture.


7. Deep point cut the sides graduating towards the back section.


8. Deep point the internal area to give a seamless finish.