Hair Analysis


Hair and Scalp Diagnosis

We offer a free consultation to assess and advise you

A Kérastase Ambassador will select the in-salon programme best suited to your hair type and will also recommend your personalised homecare programme.

A Kérastase Ambassador has the technology and product expertise to perfectly prescribe the perfect haircare products to suit your hair needs and create a relaxing in-salon Kérastase Experience.

Put your faith in an Ambassador’s hands and you will gain the maximum benefit from the high performance Kérastase products.

Each Kérastase Ambassador has been educated to become a true professional, understanding the needs of your scalp and hair.

A complete personalised haircare service is offered in a Kérastase Ambassador salon thanks to the advice of a qualified Kérastase Ambassador.

Their in-depth knowledge of Kérastase products and their applications and their attention to detail ensure a truly luxurious in-salon experience, an ultimate moment of well-being.

Haircare Expertise

The Kérastase Ambassador conducts a scalp and hair diagnosis by following this prescribed method

Step 1: Scalp analysis.

Step 2: Hair analysis.

Step 3: Listening carefully to your needs and desires.