kebelobannerKebelo System the new hair smoothing brand has launched, offering a unique and simple in-salon three-step smoothing treatment that leaves hair beautifully frizz-free, glossy and completely manageable for one hundred days.

What’s more, once the smoothness has been achieved, salt, oil, chlorine and any other chemicals that you may encounter bare no effect on the treatment, so you can rest assure your hair will remain frizz-free and beautiful day and night.

Kebelo System doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients and can be completed in one simple session by your stylist. So, unlike many other types of treatments currently available, it is 100% safe and the same day wash out, so you can see the stunning results immediately and you are free to style your hair the second you leave the salon.

Kebelo System’s beautifully simple process starts with ‘cleanse’ – Kebelo System’s Clarifying shampoo, which prepares the hair for the Kebelo System treatment. The gentle, balanced formula removes build-up and fully opens the cuticles. The clarifying shampoo has been developed to be tangle free, protecting the hair from the damage the detangling process can otherwise inflict on wet hair.

Step two is ‘treat’ – The Kebelo treatment has been specifically formulated to be keratin and formaldehyde free, and rich in Botanical proteins and amino acids that are absorbed deep into the cuticle layer, reinforcing each strand and building the foundations of beautiful hair. The treatment is then infused deep inside the foundation of the hair sealing, preventing atmospheric moisture from affecting the hair and leaving it silky smooth, shiny and frizz-free.

The final step is ‘maintain’ – Kebelo System offers two specially formulated aftercare ranges, depending on the hair type. Enriching Aftercare is for naturally dry and coarse hair and Revitalising Aftercare is for naturally oily and limp hair – each in a desirable take home box – consisting of Shampoo, Conditioner and weekly Masque.

Both ranges are 100% parabens and SLS free and contain UV protection. ensuring your hair stays protected from the sun and smooth, glossy and frizz-free for even longer.


The Silk Range



The SILK range controls the frizz, creates smoothness & shine and is suitable for all hair types, whilst leaving hair feeling weightless. Enriched with Jojoba, Argan, Keratin & Quinoa, the range is Sulfate and Paraben free.

SILK Shampoo This mild and gentle shampoo is infused with the ‘superfood’ quinoa as well as nourishing amaranth and chamomile. All work in unison to deep clean, smooth and strengthen each strand whilst promoting frizz-free, shiny hair. Silk Shampoo does not contain Parabens and Sulfates.

SILK Conditioner This luxury conditioner is a ‘super-boost’ for hair, leaving it shinier and healthier. It controls frizz by strengthening from the root to the tip. The rich conditioner works from the follicle and infuses each strand with nourishment and hydration. SILK conditioner is free of Parabens and Sulfates.

SILK ANTI-FRIZZ CREAM SILK Anti-Frizz Cream contains hydrolysed keratin and organic quinoa protein, two unique ingredients that work to repair and revitalise hair from within. SILK also contains argan and jojoba oils, leaving your hair with an incredible silky shine. In addition, it boasts a heat-protector and ‘colour-lock’ to shield and protect.



The Enriching Range


With Guar sugar, Wheat protein, Bran, Grape seed and Argan oil, the Enriching range gives naturally dry hair the rich nourishment needed to stay smooth and shiny.

Enriching Shampoo Enriching Shampoo has been created to use on dry and damaged hair. Its concentrated formula cleanses the hair without stripping, combats dryness and replenishes essential moisture. Hair is left more manageable and silky smooth.

Enriching Conditioner Enriching Conditioner is also perfect for frizzy or coarse hair. It is enhanced with a pure wheat protein complex that helps to detangle, strengthen and rehydrate each strand. Hair is left smooth and baby soft.

Enriching Masque Enriching Masque uses a unique combination of pure ingredients that mimic the scalps natural oils and intensely conditions the hair. Perfect for dried-out hair, the result is manageable tresses that are smooth and luscious.



The Revitalising Range


With amaranth, wheat, soy, jojoba, and quinoa protein, the Revitalising range works to replenish normal to oily hair, leaving gloriously shiny, smooth, strong hair with natural body and volume.

Revitalising Shampoo Revitalising Shampoo is perfect for normal to greasy hair. Amaranth proteins gently cleanse and replenishing the hair. The result is gloriously shiny, smooth, strong hair with natural body and volume.

Revitalising Conditioner Revitalising Conditioner is the ideal solution for normal to fine hair. Hydrolysed wheat, soy and jojoba proteins revive and restore hair, leaving it tangle-free with incredible shine and body.

Revitalising Masque Revitalising Masque works to restructure normal to fine hair. Used weekly, it will gently nourish and fortify your hair’s condition, leaving it with amazing shine, body and bounce.



The Velvet Curls Range


With Coconut Oil, Chamomile and the ‘super food’ Quinoa, the Velvet Curls range creates the ultimate soft, frizz-free, long lasting, defined curl. This range is SLS & Paraben free.

Velvet Curls Shampoo Velvet Curls Shampoo has been created to use on all types of curls. Its concentrated formula cleanses the hair whilst replenishing essential moistures, combating damaged and frizzy curls. Hair is left cleansed, soft and bouncy.

Velvet Curls Conditioner Velvet Curls Conditioner is perfect for frizzy or undefined curls. It is enhanced with pure ingredients which work to detangle, strengthen and rehydrate each loop. Curls are left smooth and nourished.

Velvet Curls Defining Cream Velvet Curls Defining Cream uses Perfect Curl Technology. A unique combination of ingredients including organic Quinoa allows for easy apply and go application, leaving hair with soft, frizz-free, long lasting, defined curls.